Metcalf Group (SA) refurbishes retirement living units for ACH throughout Adelaide

The Company has a strong history of refurbishment. It is one of our core market offerings and a service that we firmly believe we do extremely well at. For years, the Company has been servicing the aged care and retirement living accommodation industry in an effort to ensure a good quality of living for residents. With some recent work conducted at various sites across Adelaide, Metcalf Group (SA) bought to life some units for retirees once again for ACH.

ACH is a well-known provider of aged care services. Going all the way back to the early 1950s when Federal Liberal Senator Sir Keith Wilson identified a strong need for jobs as well as housing in South Australia. At that time, Wilson identified a growing issue of homelessness that was experienced by Veterans and War Widows. This issue gave rise to Wilson seeing an opportunity to combine the solutions to both problems together into one cause. Wilson invited the Prime Minister of the time, Bob Menzies to South Australia. More than a thousand people gathered together to create the ‘four to one’ housing policy. This approach directly addressed the homelessness issue and the (then) issue of job shortages in one action. From this, the Aged Cottage Homes (ACH) Group was born.

ACH retirement living units renovation
ACH retirement living units construction

Now a part of that 65 year plus history, the Metcalf Group (SA) regularly partners to provide refurbishment, ensuring that residents are cared for and enjoy a high standard of living. Even with great care, homes and buildings alike suffer from normal wear and tear. Refurbishment is an important step in ensuring the continued value and functionality of any building. With several units across Campbelltown and Morphett Vale requiring a refurbishment, one of Metcalf Group (SA)’s talented Project Manager’s Mr. Louis Liu was put in charge. With an emphasis on functionality, safety, and day-to-day enjoyment, the plans were drawn up with ACH for Metcalf Group (SA) to take the lead, seeing Liu at the helm.

Combining the Company’s best trades, the ACH refurbishment began with a rip out and removal of old fittings and features first. One unit in Morphett Vale was extended from a 2 bedroom to a 3-bedroom layout. Groundworks, a solid foundation, and some precision-matched bricklaying meant the property simply expanded with little sign of it being added later in its life. The interiors of a number of units have since been refurbished at several sites and are now being enjoyed by their residents again. Top-quality paint now covers the walls throughout, and the smell of fresh paint is unmistakable. Newly tiled bathrooms and freshly installed kitchen cabinets mean these units are now practical and functional as well as great to look at.

Project Manager Mr. Louis Liu reviewed the final project result saying: “…this has been a good project and it’s great to see the before and after looking so different. These will be great units to live in moving forwards.” Metcalf Group (SA)’s Managing Director Mr. Gary Metcalf also commented; “We have been doing this a long time. We enjoy doing it and it is a pleasure to partner with Companies like ACH that are steeped in heritage and community service.”

Metcalf Group (SA) has years of success in renovating and restoring retirement villages, community homes as well as commercial and public Government buildings. Regardless of the scope of works, the team can make it happen. The Company is also a leader in shop fit-outs and renovations to properties of any scale. With a 30-year-old family-owned history, the Company has a strong focus on quality, safety, and environmental care in everything it does.


About the author: Dan Hadley (MBA, BCOMM, IMC) is a Senior Management Consultant and Economist for JLB based in Adelaide, South Australia, and works regularly with Metcalf Group (SA) to assist in best practice outcomes. His services include specialties in quality systems, risk, strategic advisory services, and economic consultation.