Quality Policy

Metcalf Group (SA) Pry Ltd is an Adelaide based private company that provides a ‘hands-on’ construction. management and solutions service to commercial, industry and residential projects. Since inception in 1996, company senior management have continued to be responsible for ensuring the Company is capable of fully meeting the expectations of customers and clients.

The Company is committed to the principles of honesty and openness when. dealing with customers and clients with respect to compliance with all relevant state and local government legislation and regulations. The Company will ensure industry standards and norms are always met or exceeded.

To ensure the Company grows at a controlled rate and continues to meet contractual obligations, the Metcalf Group (SA) Pty Ltd undertakes formal planning for which performance indicators are established and regularly reviewed. These business objectives are formally reviewed during strategic management review meetings and, more regularly, during operational meetings

Management is dedicated to a philosophy of continual improvement. To support this philosophy and maintain its high calibre reputation, Metcalf Group (SA) Pty Ltd has developed and implemented an integrated management system. Moreover, the Company is commitment to provide a quality service in a safe working environment.

To ensure customers’ expectations are met through the highest standards of workmanship, all sub-contractors are selected on their ability to complete their tasks effectively, on time and within budget. This is assured through management’s hands-off approach to on-site management.

Metcalf Group (SA) Pty Ltd ensures through ongoing training. that management and respective employees remain aware of the latest developments in their field of expertise have adequate resources to conduct business effectively, fully understand the requirements of the integrated management system and implement the documented policies and procedures in their workplace.

Management fully endorse this Quality Policy and the integrated management system that have been implemented. It is the responsibility of all employees to ensure it is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels within the Company.

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