New Custom Designed Specialised Disability Accommodation

Metcalf Group (SA) Pty Ltd’s vision is to build new Specialised Disability Accommodation (SDA) compliant dwellings for SDA Participants to begin living their independent lives in a built-for-purpose dwelling.  These are not just newly built homes; they will become new homes for the many participants either living in unsuitable accommodation or waiting for newly built homes to occupy.  This is providing an opportunity for a greater choice as to where they wish to live within a community and enjoy a community lifestyle.

The Directors of Metcalf Group (SA), Cheryl and Gary Metcalf, are passionate about providing their services to families requiring options for a better lifestyle for their family members as they have a young Grandson with Autism and understand the demands and concerns placed on families.

Metcalf Group (SA) are proud members of the SDAA – Specialist Disability Accommodation Alliance.

Metcalf Group and NDIS

NDIS Houses- Currently:

We have multiple dwellings in 5x locations for our SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation) Houses and more locations on the way. Marking a significant milestone in our journey to provide inclusive and accessible housing for individuals with disabilities.

Our dedicated construction team has worked tirelessly to ensure that these houses are designed to meet the unique needs of our future residents.

These houses are not just bricks and mortar; they represent hope, independence and a brighter future for those who will call them home and together we are making it happen.

Upcoming NDIS Houses:

Some existing structures will need to be demolished, while some are new allotments in newly development estates, either way we are clearing the way for the construction of what will be much-needed new SDA Dwelling

By providing accessible and purpose-built housing we are one step further to empower and enhance the lives of those who need it most.

Watch this space for the update of the progress of these new projects in these locations below:


Morphett Vale

Evanson Gardens – Orleana Waters Estate

Murray Bridge – Newbridge Estate (Old Racecourse)

Christies Beach 

Largs North

West Croydon


Mt Barker

NDIS Projects

48 Calton Rd Gawler East20230224172434

Our Strategy & Vision

  • Metcalf Group (SA) is dedicated to quality construction
  • New SDA home constructions are built strictly to the SDA Standard
  • We work in collaboration with a reputable SDA Provider to source land and build SDA properties in locations specified by the clients, close to all amenities and services.
  • We facilitate a head lease agreement to be signed between the investor’s entity and the selected SDA Partner, providing certainty for tenancy upon completion.
  • We coordinate with the SDA provider to ensure a tenancy agreement is entered into during the construction phase, which is executed upon completion of the project.
  • Once the properties are built we continue to work with the investor and the SDA Provider to ensure long-term relationships are formed and maintained.
  • Our SDA Provider offers a 10 year + 10 Year head lease agreement

Meet Oliver

Oliver, Cheryl & Gary’s grandson who has an autism diagnosis, attended AEIOU Foundation’s early intervention program. Here, his mum Tammie shares what it was like to receive Oliver’s diagnosis, and what kind of support their family has found at AEIOU.

When the time is right and Oliver is ready, Metcalf Group (SA) will be providing Oliver with the same independence and opportunity as they are now to the South Australian Disability Community.

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