Environmental Policy

Metcalf Group (SA) Pty Ltd operates a formal Environmental Management System to conform to the requirements of the associated Regulations, Codes of Practice and as a minimum level within all its activities. Metcalf Group (SA) is committed to the protection of the environment.

The Environmental Policy is a part of Metcalf Group (SA) Pty Ltd integrated management system .

Metcalf Group (SA) Pty Ltd is committed to protecting the environment and minimising impacts caused by its activities and achieving best practice with respect to working with the environment wherever possible.

Senior management supports this Environmental Policy and the integrated management system that has been integrated.

Policy Objectives

  1. To provide an effective framework for continual improvement to prevent pollution, reduce waste and environmental impacts directly or indirectly related to its processes, products and services. New products and processes are also assessed for environmental impact early in their development. Regular audits and management review are conducted to monitor the effectiveness and suitability of the System.
  2. All current and relevant environmental legislation and regulations are complied with or exceeded and, where no appropriate regulation exists, the Company adopts appropriate responsible standard.
  3. To ensure an effective mechanism exists for setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets documented procedures are established and maintained to describe how environmental matters are communicated to all employees, customers and subcontractors: and how relevant information is made available to the public.
  4. All processes are monitored to ensure there is an efficient use of natural resources and energy, and a safe and responsible disposal of all residual wastes.
  5. All aspects of the Company’s business is run in such a manner so as to minimise and handle any incidents and emergencies should they occur.
  6. To aim to reduce the consumption of materials and energy by implementing environmentally sound waste management practices.
  7. To involve all employees in observing and reporting any environmentally damaging issues within the workplace.
  8. To conduct business with suppliers who also have a commitment to responsible environmental management.
  9. To act in good faith with the understanding that the environment is key in survivability and sustainability of both business and life.

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