Ian Ramsay, RetireAustralia

To whom it may concern

RetireAustralia has been using the services of Chergar Developments Pty Ltd in the project management of the refurbishment and reinstatement of all of its independent living and serviced apartments since April 2013. RetireAustralia have 12 villages and 1109 units across the greater Adelaide area with in excess of 120 per annum requiring either full refurbishment or reinstatement. Chergar’s involvement commences after hand back of units from outgoing residents when the scope of work is determined together with RetireAustralia and on approval of their quote based on that scope they are then totally responsible for the completion of all work until signed off as approved from RetireAustralia. RetireAustralia demand both a high quality standard of work and a tight schedule for completion of those works. Chergar have met both those requirements. The works range from very basic reinstatements of carpet and painting, ($4,000-$5,000), to the complete stripping of units and installation of new kitchens and bathrooms ($35,000-$55,000). Throughout these processes Chergar’s supervisors work closely with our village managers and their staff to ensure a smooth and efficient process. Chergar understand the different needs of the retirement village environment and as such the work is carried out with minimum disruption to the village and its residents. If you require further information I am more than happy to provide it on the number below.

Yours Sincerely

Ian Ramsay
Regional Manager SA

Phone: 08 8423 0133
Email: ianramsay@retireaustralia.com.au

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