Metcalf Group (SA) Partners with one of Adelaide’s Top Accounting Firms to Develop New and Innovative Workspace

People often think of the building industry as homes and apartment complexes. But there is always a constant demand for office and commercial space builds as well as renovations. A good workspace engenders a great result. One of Adelaide’s top accounting firms, DW Johns, recently contracted Metcalf Group (SA) for a full office-wide renovation to their new office location in Eastwood. With an eye on quality and professional presentation, Metcalf Group (SA) sent in one its best Project Managers and a range of skilled trades to see the job through.

DW Johns is an Adelaide based accounting firm that provides a suite of accounting services to a wide scope of clients including individuals, families, small to medium sized businesses, self-funded retirees and not for profit organizations. The Company aims to provide each client with a quality personal service to meet their expectations, needs and goals. The firm started in 1988 when David Johns left a large accounting firm to enable himself to provide a more personalized service to clients. From there the firm has grown with the addition of Brian Davies, Craig Nelson and Rex Li coming as Principals. With additional support staff and full-time accountants, the team is poised to take on large projects as well as small needs-based clients ensuring flexibility, quality and commitment to best practice. For more information;

Beginning with a rip-out of the existing features of the 1100 square meter commercial property, the team set to work creating a blank canvass space that could be fit out efficiently yet dynamically. Rip-outs, despite being one of the most fun parts of a job, can present challenges. The waste has to be recycled where possible and the remaining refuse transported safely out off site. The safety of neighboring businesses and visiting clients as well as the workers of DW Johns must be considered. Metcalf Group (SA) has always considered safety a top priority.

With the installation of new lighting, a kitchenette, office wall partitions and other key fixed components, the space has been transformed into a modern and effective workspace fit for any blue-chip professional. Now comprising of 13 dedicated offices, multiple meeting rooms, common spaces, a welcoming Administration area and a large board room, the Eastwood office is one any firm would be proud of. Now with furniture in place and the good professionals of DW Johns back at work, the place is a buzz with energy and drive. Bringing innovation, comfort and presentation together, the project was overseen by Geoff Munn, one of Metcalf Group (SA)’s TOP project managers. Munn led the project over a 9-week period ensuring safety on site, accurate completion and stylish finishes.

I always enjoy working with a landmark Adelaide commercial client. It has been great to be a part of refreshing DW Johns’ work environment and seeing their new office layout through to completion.” Munn said.

Metcalf Group (SA) has a strong track record of commercial renovation and office fit-outs as well as building new high quality commercial buildings in South Australia. Regardless of whether the project is a stylish new office, or your first home, Metcalf Group (SA) is the obvious, proven choice. The Company is a leader in renovations to properties of any scale. With a 30+ year family-owned history, the Company has a strong focus on quality, safety and environmental care in everything it does.

DW Jones offices under construction
DW Jones offices under construction

About the author: Dan Hadley (MBA, BCOMM, IMC) is a Senior Management Consultant and Economist for JLB based in Adelaide, South Australia and works regularly with Metcalf Group (SA) to assist in best practice outcomes. His services include specialties in quality systems, risk, strategic advisory and economic consultation.

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