Metcalf Group (SA) bringing quality retirement homes to Hindmarsh Island

By Dan HadleyJLB Adelaide

100 kilometers south of Adelaide you can find the infamous and picturesque Hindmarsh Island. Just a 75-minute drive will bring you to the Hindmarsh Bridge. Opened in 2001, allowing one and all to see this South Australian icon and treasure. With a history going back to 1830 when Captain Charles Sturt first stepped onto the island, this getaway spot has a special place in many South Australia’s hearts. Although a great spot for a day trip, many see it more as retirement destination with increased popularity and growth since the bridge’s opening. With ocean views, fresh air and a relaxed lifestyle, Australians and international visitors have enjoyed Hindmarsh Island for many years. Great for fishing, boating or just relaxing by the coast, this 100-kilometer squared patch of “Rhode Island” like paradise has no draw backs

Retirement home

With retirement in mind, the Alexandria Cove Lifestyle Village recently trusted Metcalf Group (SA) to build 4 new quality retirement homes within the village. Bringing quality, comfort and style together, the project was overseen by Geoff Munn, one of Metcalf Group (SA)’s highly talented project managers. Combining skilled trades and a plan designed to meet the needs of retiree’s, Munn developed the 4 homes over a 9 month period, ensuring safety on site, accurate completion and stylish outcomes.

It was great to see these 4 homes come to fruition in a beautiful part of S.A. and to create somewhere for South Australian retirees to call home.” Munn said.

Managing the project from A to Z, the Company has been able to provide a completely ‘hands-off’ solution to another South Australian retirement village. Metcalf Group (SA) holds a strong track record of developing and renovating retirement villages, leading the way in this regard. In total two 2-bedroom homes and two 3-bedroom homes were developed incorporating modern, simplistic style to match the relaxed atmosphere of the island.

Metcalf Group (SA)’s Managing Director Gary Metcalf commented on the project; “This was one of the more fun projects. Building something stylish in a location like Hindmarsh Island is more a pleasure than it is work. We love to see retirement projects like this completed and then enjoyed by their new owners.”

Metcalf Group (SA) has a long and successful history of restoring and building high quality construction including commercial buildings, retirement villages and other applications in South Australia. Whether the project is a stylish solution to enjoying your twilight years, your first home or a large commercial site, Metcalf Group (SA) is the solid choice. The Company is also a leader in shop fit-outs and renovations to properties of any scale. With a 30-year family owned history, the Company has a strong focus on quality, safety and environmental care in everything it does. Now on the market, these four homes will be enjoyed by Adelaide retirees for years to come.

Retirement home
Retirement home

About the author: Dan Hadley (MBA, BCOMM, IMC) is a Senior Management Consultant and Economist for JLB based in Adelaide, South Australia and works regularly with Metcalf Group (SA) to assist in best practice outcomes. His services include specialties in quality systems, risk, strategic advisory services and economic consultation.

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